About safety warnings

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Please read and understand these Safety Warnings prior to unpacking and using the machine.


Warnings presented here are intended to warn the user of potential harm to the user and other persons as well as damage to property. Always adhere to them to reduce the potential for harm.

This manual also provides safety warnings, correct handling procedures, and other regulatory information for using the machine, notification pager, battery, and battery charger. Warnings provided in this manual do not cover all possible situations that may arise.

Always adhere to warnings regarding machine installation, maintenance, and use and store this manual where it can always be referred to.

In the following emergencies, immediately press the emergency stop button and turn off the main power switch.

  • The machine is in a hazardous state (example: emitting smoke, is inoperable, has fallen over, etc.)
  • The machine comes close to inflicting harm on surrounding persons or things.
  • The machine is operating (behaving) unpredictably or is operating in a manner that is inconsistent with this manual.


Download a copy of the Operational Manual