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How do I manage and delete Cleaning Routes?

Managing Cleaning Routes

  • The machine is constantly in communication with the Robot Operations Center and taught cleaning routes are saved to the cloud.
  • If managing several machines, you can create groups through the Whiz Connect Portal* to assign each machine to. You can also assign a name to each group.
  • Machines in the same group can share cleaning routes, and the same cleaning routes can be displayed regardless of which machine scan the Home Location Codes.
  • Deleting cleaning routes also deletes them from the cloud, and the routes will no longer be displayed even if another machine in the same group scanned the Home Location Codes.
  • With the Whiz Connect Portal*, machines are assigned to one group by default per purchasing customer. If you have purchased several machines, they can share the same route. Use the Whiz Connect Portal* to complete settings for assigning machines to groups.
  • To use the same Home Location Code number with several cleaning areas, it is recommended to divide the machines into groups. Since cleaning routes are taught for the machines that include the surrounding environment, machines cannot carry out autonomous cleaning by scanning the cleaning route taught for another area. Dividing the machines
    into groups allows 6 cleaning routes each to be saved for the same Home Location Code number. For details, see the help file for the Whiz Connect Portal*.

The Whiz Connect Portal is a portal site from where you can manage current machine activity and alerts, download activity reports, etc. Each machine saves particular cleaning routes, and taught cleaning routes are backed up to the Robot Operations Center.(*Currently, group function cannot be used.)

Deleting Cleaning Routes

  •  On the touch display, tap “SETTINGS”
    The settings menu appears.

  •  Tap “ROUTES”
    A list of saved Home Location Codes appears.

  •  Select the Home Location Code with the routes to delete
    A list of saved Home Location Codes appears.



  • Select the Route you wish to delete 
    A list of cleaning routes appears.

  • Tap “DELETE”
    The selected cleaning routes are deleted.


Download a copy of the Operational Manual