How do I pair the Pager and Whiz?

In order to receive the alert on the notification pager, the pager must be paired with the machine itself. 

1. Turn On the notification pager and the machine



2. Check if the machine is connected to the Robot Operations Center (ROC)


  • Please check your mobile phone cellular connection in Robot Operations Center (ROC) will not be connected to LTE in an area where there is no signal.
  • The connection status to the ROC will be shown by the ROC indicator on the display (⇒see "Touch Display")

 3. Press the button on the notification pager for at least 5 seconds

The message "Wireless connection in process"   will be shown on the pager's display.



4. Attach the pager on to the pager holder on the side of the machine




Download a copy of the Notification Pager Manual