How do I recharge the Main Battery?

Before using the machine, set the main power switch on the machine off, remove the battery, and recharge the battery in the charger.

When inserting a fully charged battery into an empty Whiz, check that the secondary battery power (⇒see “Secondary Battery Power Button”) is off. Also ensure no error for low battery level appears on the touch display (⇒see “Touch Display”).

As a safety precaution, always use both hands when removing/installing the battery or inserting/removing it from the charger. Doing so with only one hand may allow it to drop, which is very dangerous.

  1. Connect the power cable for the charger to the charger, and connect the power plug to an outlet

  2. Press the main power switch (I/O) to set it off (O)

  3. Open the battery door by pulling its bottom left toward you

  4. Hold the grip on the battery in your right hand, and press the battery lock with your thumb

  5. Pull the battery out toward you as you release your thumb from the lock 
    Be careful not to let your thumb get caught.

  6. Using the handles, pull the battery out
    Be sure to hold the grips with both hands when pulling the battery out.

  7. Insert the battery straight into the charger all the way
    Recharging starts when the battery is properly inserted in the charger.

    - Slide the battery gently into the charging slot. Inserting it from above may damage the charging terminal.

    - After inserting the battery, check that the terminals on the battery and the charger are connected firmly.

  8. After recharging the battery, check that the charging status light is flashing in green

  9. Once the battery is recharged, pull it straight out of the charger and then lift it up
    - Slide the battery out of the charging slot.

    - Be sure to hold the handles with both hands when pulling the battery out.

  10. Insert the battery all the way into the battery compartment, and close the battery door
    - Insert the battery in the battery compartment by its terminal first.

    - Once the battery is properly inserted, the battery lock in the battery compartment projects toward you with a click.


Download a copy of the 1.8 Operational Manual