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How do I use and stow the Steering Handle?

Use the steering handle to move and change the direction of the machine during manual cleaning, to teach the cleaning route, and to transport the machine. Observe the following when using the steering handle.

  • Check if the steering handle is unstable (not firmly attached).
  • Avoid abruptly turning with the steering handle.
  • Do not lift the machine by the steering handle.
  • The steering handle can be extended to move the machine even when the main power switch is off.
  • Be careful not to pinch your fingers in the steering handle.
  • Stow the steering handle before starting autonomous cleaning.

    Using the Steering Handle

  • Extend the steering handle to move the machine forward and to change directions. To extend the steering handle, hold with both hands and pull it straight up. Once the joint at the base of the steering handle is visible, lower the steering handle toward you.

    Stowing the Steering Handle

  • To stow the steering handle, hold with both hands and raise it forward at an angle, and push it into its original position.

  • Stow the steering handle when the machine is put away or is unused for a long time.

  • Stowing the steering handle causes the wheels to lock. Pull the steering handle out to unlock the wheels.


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