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How do I use Autonomous Cleaning?

Carrying Out Autonomous Cleaning

Select a cleaning route that has already been taught (⇒see “Teaching a New Cleaning Route”) and carry out autonomous cleaning. Before carrying out autonomous cleaning, always inspect the machine.

- Carry out autonomous cleaning at a time with the fewest number of persons passing through and the least number of objects nearby.

- To allow the notification pager to receive alert messages from the machine, perform pairing with the notification pager beforehand (⇒see “Notification Pager”).

* Pairing is not required at every startup.

- In order to keep a safe distance from the wheel, the machine will operate slightly far from the wall.
When cleaning areas close to the wall, operated manually. (⇒see "Manual Cleaning").

  1. Move the machine to a Home Location Code

  2. On the touch display, tap “RUN ROUTE”
    Home Location Code scanning screen will be displayed.

  3. Scan the Home Location Code
    When the Home Location Code is recognized correctly, it will turn green, and a screen for selecting a route will appear on the touch display.

  4. On the touch display, select the cleaning route

  5. Stow the steering handle

  6. Remove the notification pager from the machine (⇒see “Notification Pager”)

  7. Press the autonomous clean start/stop button (⇒see “Autonomous Clean Start/Stop Button”)

    - Remove the notification pager (⇒see “Notification Pager”) from the machine and carry it with you.

    - During autonomous cleaning, the LED light indicating the direction the machine is moving in flashes orange 2 times (example: when the machine is going to detour right, the right LED light will light).

    - During autonomous cleaning, the machine travels somewhat away from the edges of walls at a certain distance so as not to scratch walls, etc. Use manual cleaning to clean the edges of the walls (⇒see “Manual Cleaning”).

    - During autonomous cleaning, do not stand in front of the LIDAR sensor.

  8. Check that all functions are operating properly
    - Once autonomous cleaning completes, the machine returns to the Home Location Code, and notification arrives on the notification pager.

  9. Check the notification that cleaning is completed with the notification pager

  10. Tap “OK”

    - Routes that have completed cleaning are shown in blue and routes that have not completed cleaning are shown in white.

    - For maintenance and storage after use, see “Maintenance and Safety”.

Download a copy of the Operational Manual