How do I use the Notification Pager?

Notification pager will notify the operator (Sound/Vibration) when an irregularity occurs during autonomous cleaning or when the machine encounters obstacles. When using the notification pager for the first time, please take the pager out of the battery box and charge the pager. (⇒see "Recharging the Notification Pager').

Notification pager can only be used during autonomous cleaning.

  1. Display: The battery level icon and mute icon appear at the left of the display, and alerts appear at the right of the display. (⇒see "Alert display and its notification timing")

  2. Pager mute switch: To set the notification pager only to vibrate for alert notifications, set the pager mute switch on.

  3. Power button: Use the given pin to turn the power On for the Notification Pager.

  4. Pager main button: To stop the alert and vibration, press the pager main button.

  5. Clip: Use the clip when placing the notification pager in your pocket, etc.

  • When the machine detects danger or detects an obstacle, an alert will be displayed on the notification pager (⇒see "Alert display and its notification timing") and it notifies the operator by emitting an alert and It emits an alert and vibrates for 15 seconds then stops for 5 seconds, which it repeats for 10 minutes. After the error with the machine has been resolved, the notification pager sounds for 1 second and its display indicates standby.
  • To receive alert notifications, pair the machine and the notification (⇒see "Pairing the Notification Pager") Once the display on the notification pager indicates communication, place it in the pager compartment to complete pairing.


Download a copy of the Notification Pager Manual