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Inspecting the Machine before operation

Before starting manual cleaning mode/autonomous cleaning mode, be sure to perform the following inspection.

Inspecting the Machine

  • Check that the emergency stop button is not pressed
  • Check that the grounding chain on the bottom of the machine is in contact with the floor
  • Check that the secondary battery power button on the bottom of the machine is on (⇒see “Secondary Battery Power Button”)
  • Check the HEPA filters, and replace with new HEPA filters if especially dirty (⇒see “HEPA Filters”) Check the hopper tray and empty it (⇒see “Hopper Tray”)
  • Check that there is no dust or dirt on the 2D/3D camera (sensor), LIDAR sensor, or Cliff sensor and wipe as required (⇒see “Sensors”)

- Use the micro-fiber cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt.

* Do not wet any of the above sensors or the micro-fiber cloth with water

- Do not place any objects near the sensors.

  • Check the brush for caught dust and hair, and remove as required (⇒see “Brush”) Check that the brush is attached properly

- If the brush is damaged/broken, replace it with a new brush.

  • Check that the dustbin cover, filter cover, and battery door are closed firmly


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