Maintaining the Hopper Tray

Empty the hopper tray after every cleaning. Remove and replace the hopper tray following the steps below.

- The hopper tray is shaped as below and is located on the bottom of the machine (⇒see “Names of Parts”).


  • Do not remove the hopper tray while the machine is laying on its side. Doing so will allow dirt in the hopper tray to scatter.
  • Be careful not to injure yourself when removing the hopper tray.
  1. Pull the hopper tray out by its handle


  2. Pull the hopper tray out on the left (direction of the arrow)
    - The hopper tray cannot be pulled out on the right.
    - To ensure adequate space for pulling the hopper tray out, orient the rear caster backward as shown.

  3. Discard any dirt in the hopper tray
    - Wash the hopper tray with water if dirty. After washing, wipe away any water with a dry cloth and allow it to dry.

  4. Slide the hopper tray into the bottom of the machine from the left

  5. Press the hopper tray all the way in.

    Watch the video: How to clean the Hopper.


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