Path is Blocked notification

If there is a large obstacle in Whiz’s way, Whiz will attempt to navigate around it. After multiple attempts to find a new path, Whiz may decide that it is safer to stop and ask for assistance.

To avoid Path is Blocked and Robot Is Off Path situations, please make sure Whiz’s path is clear of commonly- and frequently-moved obstacles such as chairs, trash cans, recycling bins, delivery boxes, etc. Cleaning sensors regularly will help avoid false detections. Be sure to execute machine maintenance after each use as shown on the Wall Chart.

To respond to a “Path is Blocked” notification: 

  1. Clear the error by pressing the “X” in the top right corner of the error message. 
  2. The screen will now show a map of Whiz’s path and an icon showing Whiz’s current location. It may also have a series of concentric circles, showing where Whiz thinks it should be. 
  3. Move any obstacles out of the way, if possible. 
  4. Pull up on Whiz’s steering handle and push it forward, so that the icon shows Whiz back on the path or in the center of the concentric circles. 
  5. Press the blue button and Whiz will continue on its autonomous cleaning. 
  6. In rare cases, there are so many new obstacles that Whiz will not be able to continue from its current position. If that happens, the route will need to be started again. Remove the obstacles, or if the obstacles are permanent, you may need to create a new map of the area. 

Learn more with the Maintenance Wall Chart

Download a copy of the 1.8 Operational Manual