What do I do if my Whiz unit stops during autonomous cleaning?

Whiz will stop moving when it has left the cleaning route or detects obstacles. Check the environment that Whiz is running in and move it as needed. If an error screen is displayed, please follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Close any curtains to block out the light 
  2. Adjust any lights or LED lights for brightness 
  3. Wipe the sensors (2D & 3D Cameras and Lidar Sensor) with the attached microfiber cloth
  4. In areas where there are reflective objects such as windows or automatic doors, Whiz errors may occur more frequently. If this occurs, please teach Whiz a new route avoiding these areas
  5. If the machine has left the cleaning route, follow the instructions on the display to return the robot to the cleaning route and press the clean “START/STOP” button to resume cleaning
  6. If a change in layout occurs, you may choose to recreate your original layout or teach Whiz the new route