How to remove the Machine from its packaging

Unpack the machine.

- Check that the packaging is not damaged; if damaged, immediately contact customer support.

- Do not discard the packaging box or packing material, and store it safely. It will be required when storing the machine out of use for a long period ( ⇒see “Storing the Machine”).

  1. Pinch the lock on the locking tab that is attached to the outer box.
  2. Lift the lock.
  3. Remove the locking tabs.
     - There are 4 locking tabs located on the outer box.
  4. Remove the outer box. 
    - Also, remove the brush that is attached inside the outer box
  5. Remove the cushioning material.
  6. Remove the plastic bag. 
  7. Carefully lay down Whiz on its back using the white lift handles to help you. 
  8. Remove the inner box.

  9. With both hands, hold the white lift handles and raise the machine.
  10. Remove the cushioning material (between the bumper and the machine).
  11. Use the steering handle to bring the machine to the cleaning area.


Download a copy of the Operational Manual