Robot naming

In Whiz Connect, you can rename your robots so that you can identify them easier for reporting and operational purposes.

In order to do this please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Robots page for a child account (an account assigned to another account).
  2. Select the robot you would like to rename by clicking on the robot’s row
  3. In the Robot Information drawer, please enter a name for your robot.

    1.  This name will appear in your reporting and SMS messages. It will not appear anywhere on your robot. We recommend labeling your robots so that whoever is in charge of that robot can better identify it.
    2. Robots in the same account must have different names.
  4. Save your robot’s name by clicking ‘Update’

You now should see your robot’s name next to the RIN under the Robot Name column. This name will be reflected throughout your Whiz Connect reporting.

It will also appear in your SMS Notifications if you are subscribed to receive Assist Notifications so that you have more context to which robot requires assistance.