Storing Whiz for long periods

  • If not using the machine for a long time, follow the steps below to pack the machine. As a safety precaution, always work with at least two persons.
  • Before packing the machine, be sure to remove the battery (⇒see “Battery and Recharging”).
  • Pack the notification pager and brush in the special packaging box.
  1. Insert the cushioning material (between the bumper and the machine).

  2. Wrap the machine with a plastic bag.

  3. Hold the lift grips and place the machine into the inner box.
    - Align the direction of the cushioning material and the inner box

  4. Insert the cushioning material.

  5. Cover the inner box with the outer box.
    - Cover the outer box in the same direction as the cushioning material inside the inner box.

  6. Attach the locking tab to the outer box
    - There are 4 locking tabs on the outer box.

  7. Press the locking tab lock until you hear a "click".
    - The locking tab will lock.

  8. Make sure the locking tab will not come off from the outer box

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