The Home Location Code (HLC) cannot be read

The Home Location Code must be clean, unlaminated, and placed in the proper location to be read. Use an unlaminated HLC, wipe away any dirt or marks, and make sure you have consulted the Whiz Operational Manual to place the HLC properly before you begin. You should be able to see the HLC within the touch display if the HLC is placed at the proper height.


If the HLC suddenly stops working, it may be a 2D/ 3D sensor issue or a lighting issue. Make sure that the 2D / 3D camera (sensor) and LIDAR sensor on the Machine have been cleaned with a microfiber cloth. If it is a lighting issue, you can reduce sunlight interference by closing the curtains, etc and turning down/off fluorescent lights or LED lights.


This issue may also be resolved through a simple reboot of the Machine. Reboot Whiz with the following steps:


  1. Turn the Power off
  2. Remove the battery from the machine
  3. Wait for 30 seconds with the battery removed
  4. Insert the battery
  5. Turn the Power on


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