The Machine and the Notification Pager are not paired

Check to see if the ROC Indicator on the top right of the Touch Screen is Orange. This may indicate that Whiz is not connected to the ROC. Whiz needs to be connected to the ROC for the Notification Pager to be paired.


If the "Wireless communication not available" icon is showing on the Notification Pager Touch Display, the Machine and the Pager are not paired. Pair the Machine with the Notification Pager using the following instructions:


  1. With the Machine and Notification Pager turned on, press the Notification Pager's main button for 5 seconds.
  2. Attach the Pager to the Notification Pager Holder when the "in communication" mark is displayed on the Notification Pager display.
  3. Move the Notification Pager within its communication range. (The communication range is up to approximately 300m in linear distance.)


If the Notification Pager will not respond to pairing attempts, the Pager may not be powered on correctly. Insert the pin that comes with the Notification Pager to activate the Power Button on the side of the Notification Pager. Attempt to pair the pager and machine again, then check to see if the Notification Pager on the display is showing.


If you have previously paired the Notification Pager, it may be a temporary issue. Reboot the machine using the following steps:


  1. Turn the Power off
  2. Remove the battery from the machine
  3. Wait for 30 seconds with the battery removed
  4. Insert the battery
  5. Turn the Power on


Download a copy of the Notification Pager Manual