The Rubber Pads on the back of Whiz fell off

For your safety, please work with two people to reattach the Rubber Pads using the following steps:


  1. To make it easier to attach the Rubber Pad to the machine, use a wet towel to dampen the Rubber Pad, being careful to ensure that no water comes in contact with the Machine. (Water is the only substance that should be used to dampen the Pads.)
  2. Stow the Steering Handle so it is not sticking out of the Machine, and slowly lay the Machine down on the floor with the Dustbin facing upwards.
  3. Lift the section of where the Rubber Pad should be off the ground, using the grip located at the bottom of the Machine to lift.
  4. Place the Rubber Pad on the floor, with the protruding part of the Rubber Pad aligning to the holes of the Machine.
  5. Insert the protruding parts of the Rubber Pads into the holes of the Machine. You may have to use a fair amount of force.
  6. Check that there is no gap between the Rubber Pads and the Machine.


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