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What do the LED lights mean?

The LED lights notify you about the state of the machine, error information, etc. The LED lights on the front and back of the machine light in different colors and patterns.


Color and pattern



Lighting in each color

(green → blue → orange → red → light blue)

The machine’s system is starting up.

Turning around in each color (green → blue → orange → red)

The machine is shutting down.

Lit blue

Paused during autonomous cleaning.

Flashing blue rapidly for 3 seconds

Autonomous cleaning starts.

Pressing the autonomous clean start/stop button causes the machine to beep.

Flashing blue slowly

Carrying out autonomous cleaning.

The left or right LED light is flashing orange rapidly

Indicating direction during autonomous cleaning.

The machine turns in the direction that the LED light is flashing in.

The machine beeps as it turns.

A rear LED light is flashing white

The cliff sensor was activated during autonomous cleaning, and the machine is going backward (traveling backward).

Flashing rapidly in bright red

Emergency stopped.

Flashing in red


An alert has occurred on the machine.

(when the machine has been lifted while the system is starting up)



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