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What information can I find on the Touch Display?

You can check battery level, connection to the Robot Operations Center, error messages, and other information on the touch display. Teaching and selecting cleaning routes necessary for performing autonomous cleaning is also done from the touch display.

Indications on the Touch Display

Main menu screen

  1. ROC indicator

    A few minutes after turning the power on, the machine automatically connects to the Robot Operations Center. If the machine is connected successfully, the ROC indicator will be displayed.

    ROC indicator display

    Robot Operations Center (ROC) connection status

    It is connected to Robot Operations Center (ROC)

    It is not connected to Robot Operations Center (ROC)

    * To connect to the Robot Operations Center, use the machine within a communications service area for mobile phones.

  2. Battery indicator

    Indicates battery level.

  3. Settings menu

    Check settings and routes for carrying out autonomous cleaning.

    Error message screen

  4. Notification

    Appears on the upper left of the touch display. For alerts concerning machine components, follow the instructions on the touch display to remedy problems.
  5. Alert screen
    You can check the alert by tapping on the notification in "4". If there are several alerts, tap “>” to view the next alert. To delete the displayed alert, tap “×”.


Download a copy of the Operational Manual