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Where do I place Home Location Codes?

Place Home Location Codes on walls, columns, etc. near areas that are frequently cleaned.

  • The back of Home Location Codes is sticky, allowing them to be placed directly on walls, etc. Replace with the Home Location Codes if they have lost their stickiness. Depending on the wall material, the coating may peel where Home Location Codes are placed. Consult with the building manager and place Home Location Codes in appropriate locations. Do not place on walls with rough surfaces.
  • Place Home Location Codes on walls, columns, etc. in a bright location and distanced approximately 60 cm (24 inches) from the floor and approximately 80 cm (32 inches) from the machine.

  • Do not place Home Location Codes where they may be hidden, such as walls behind furniture or shelves.
  • Ensure that all Home Location Codes are placed neatly in a horizontal fashion, and not in a manner that is askew: set the home location horizontally and a little below the camera, placed in front of the machine.
  • Do not place Home Location Codes in a sleeve or cover, and do not copy on them or laminate them. the machine may not be able to scan the Home Location Codes.
  • Avoid locations exposed to sunlight or strong light, and set them where brightness is even.
  • leave Home Location Codes always set out. If unable to leave Home Location Code always set out, you must place them accurately in the same positions each time you clean. If the set locations of Home Location Codes are even slightly shifted, cleaning will not be done correctly.


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