Whiz has low suction power / is not picking up waste

*If Whiz is working properly, objects up to 3cm in diameter will be vacuumed, and heavier objects will be brushed into the hopper tray.


If you are experiencing reduced suction power, check the Whiz Operational Manual to ensure the Vacuum Bag, Brush, and Hopper are installed correctly.


This issue may also occur if the Brush, Hopper, HEPA Filters or Vacuum Hose are clogged, Check to see if the Brush and Hopper are full, and remove any extra waste. Remove any foreign objects from the HEPA filter and any additional waste near the Vacuum Bag Installation Port. If the Vacuum Hose is clogged, remove the Dust Bag, and clear the hose using a flexible brush to loosen any clumps of hair/lint/dust that may have accumulated.


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