The Assists Page

‘Assists’ refer to occasions where human intervention was required while the robot was running a route. Example ‘assist’ reasons include Dust bag full (bag change is required), Path is blocked, or Battery low. By reviewing the assist for a given robot or route, you are able to optimize the route runs to minimize occurrences where cleaning is interrupted and improve the overall productivity of your robot.


Assist Graph

The assist graph helps you to see the type of assists that are occurring by Type, Location, Route, or RIN. 


Assist Table

The assist table helps you see information related to assists in more detail. In the table you can see the following:

Assist reason: Type of assist required

Assist code: An internal error code corresponding to the reason for the assist. 

Location: The location the robot was operating in at the time of assist

Route Name: The name of the route the robot was running at the time of assist

HLC Slot: The HLC and Slot number of the route the robot was running at the time of assist

RIN: The RIN of the robot that required the assist

Start: The date and time the robot required the assistance.

End: The date and time the assist error was resolved

Resolution time: The total amount of time it took to resolve the issue from the time it occurred to the time it was cleared from the robot

Note: You can customize the visibility of these columns by using the 3 dot icon in the right-hand corner of the table and toggling them on or off.


Filtering Assist

You can filter the assist table data by Location, Route, RIN, Assist Reason, and Assist Duration by using the filter next to the search bar or using the filter feature in the graph above.


Sorting Assist

You can change the route list order by clicking Assist Reason, Code, Location, etc. in the header bar. This will arrange the list items in ascending or descending order. An orange arrow next to the header item indicates the current column the data is sorted by and the sort order. By default, the routes are sorted alphabetically by Route name.


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