The Usage Page

You can view your robots’ usage for information including runtimes, coverage, distance, or assists. By default, the data is filtered and grouped by Location but it can also be filtered and grouped by RIN.


To view your Usage data, you can:

  • Group the data by Location or RIN
  • Group the data by day, week, or custom
  • If you group by Location you can select the Location drop-down menu and select as many or few locations as you want to see data for.
  • If you group by RIN you can select the RIN drop-down menu and select as many or few RINs as you want to see data for.

Runtime, Coverage, Distance, and Assists

Users can view the runtime, coverage, distance, and assist data. Select the box containing the category you’d like to see above the table. The data will automatically change in the table depending on what you select. Runtimes are displayed by default.



Autonomous Time: Time the robot spent vacuuming.

Resolution Time: Time the robot spent waiting to be assisted.

Training Time: Time in ‘training’ mode, or the duration of time the robot spent being programmed by someone

Total Time: The sum of Autonomous, Resolution, and Training time 



Autonomous: Total area the robot covered.

Training: Total area covered by the robot while in ‘training’ mode.


Distance: Total distance traveled by the robot


Assists: The number of times the robot required staff intervention to continue vacuuming.


Note: Data is available on Whiz Connect after the route run is complete and the robot has uploaded relevant data to the cloud. The time can vary depending on the signal strength of the robot and network availability.

Download Report

You can download a .csv of the usage data by clicking the Download button in the top right-hand corner.


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