The Routes Page

You can view the information by route on the Routes page. This page will show the autonomous route runs completed by Whiz, including the training information for the route run. You can filter this data by route, date, location, and/or route name.


To view your Routes data, you can:

  • Group the data by Date or Route 
  • Select the Location drop-down menu and select as many or few locations as you want to see.
  • Select the Routes Name drop-down menu and select the routes you would like to see.


Reading the Route’s Table

Route: Name of the route (Default name will be HLC and Slot) For information on naming your routes, see here.

Location: Location where the robot is operating.

Runs: Number of runs for that route or day.

Coverage: The area that was covered for that date or route.

Autonomous Runtime: The time that the robot(s) spent vacuuming for that date or route.

Resolution Time: The time the robot(s) spent waiting for human assistance.

Assists: Number of assists while on the route.

To see more information about a route, including route maps, robot details, top assist reasons, and usage, click the orange arrow to the far left of the basic information.  


Sorting Routes

You can change the route list order by clicking Route, Location, Runs, Coverage, Autonomous Runtime, Resolution Time, Assists in the header bar. This will arrange the list items in ascending or descending order. An orange arrow next to the header item indicates the current column the data is sorted by and the sort order. By default, the routes are sorted alphabetically by Route name.

There are ten results per page. If you have multiple pages of routes, you can click through the page numbers at the bottom of the table. Click the page number to go directly to a page, or the arrows to the left and right of the numbers to move between pages.


Download Report

You can download a PDF report on routes by clicking the Download button in the top right-hand corner.


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