You can track information by route on the Routes page. This page will show every route with which a robot is programmed per location. Information on routes can be sorted by location, home code location (HLC), and/or slot. To clear any filters, click the Clear All button. By default, routes are sorted alphabetically by location name

You can download a copy of your route reports as a CSV or a PDF by clicking the download button above the header bar.

Note: If you change your assist settings and move to another tab (locations, robots, etc.), the assist settings will return to the default.

To make changes to your Assist data, you can:

  • Click the Location drop-down menu and select as many or few locations as you want to see.
  • Click the Home Location Code (HLC) drop-down menu and select as many or few locations as you want to see.
  • Click the Slot drop-down menu and select the slot’s you’d like to see.

Reading the Route’s Table

The Routes page provides reports based on the routes programmed into your robot per location. You will be able to view the route’s location, slot saved, and more, explained in greater detail below. Hover over the tooltips in the header (Question Mark) for more information.

Location: Physical location where the robot is operating.

HLC: Home Location Code the robot scans to pull up the route.

Slot: Save file of the route after scanning the home location code (A-F).

Last Run At: Last time at which the route was run in DD-MM-YY HH:MM:SS EST format.

Runs: Number of times the robot has run the route.

Assist: Number of assists while on the route.

AVG Assist TTR: Average time it takes to resolve an assist on the route.

To see more information about a route, including route maps, robot details, top assist reasons, and usage, click the orange arrow to the far right of the basic information. For more in depth information on usage and assists, visit their respective pages.


Sorting Routes

You can change the assist list order by clicking Location, HLC, Slot, Last Run At, Runs, Assist or AVG Assist TTR in the header bar. This will arrange the list items from first to last or last to first. There will be an orange arrow next to the header item by which you’ve chosen to sort. It will either be pointing up or down depending on the order you’ve chosen. By default, the routes are sorted alphabetically by location name.

There are ten results per page. If you have multiple pages of routes, you can click through the page numbers at the bottom of the table. Click the page number to go directly to a page, or the arrows to the left and right of the numbers to move between pages.