About Reporting

Whiz Connect helps you to understand the productivity of your robots through data, analytics, and insights.

This information allows you to get the most out of the Whiz solution through actionable information allowing you to optimize the productivity of your robots. You can see your robots’ data at a high level on the Overview page or dive deeper into the data through the Usage, Routes, and Assists pages.

  • The Overview page helps you understand your robots’ productivity through key metrics and graphs.
  • The Usage page shows you a detailed view of runtime, coverage, distance, and robot assists at a location. 
  • The Routes page shows you information about the routes that were run, including route maps, details about the robot that ran the route, usage and assist reasons.
  • The Assists page provides information on the assists that occurred within a given time period. These can be filtered by location, route, RIN, reason, and duration.

You can find out more information about each page in the links below.


Reporting Pages

The Overview Page

The Usage Page

The Routes Page

The Assists Page