Managing Your Account

You can manage your account through the Locations, Robots, Users, and Subscriptions pages.

  • On the Locations page, you are able to add/edit the locations to which your robots’ are assigned. Locations will hold trained routes, and any robot assigned to that location will inherit the trained routes from that location. For each location, you can target productivity metrics so that you can track how well you are doing towards your goals with the Whiz solution in Whiz Connect.
  • The Robots page lists the robots activated to your account and allows you to view and edit their assigned location and name your robots for easier identification in reports and in SMS messages.
  • The Users page, allows you to manage users in your account. Whiz Connect supports the following user roles:
      • User roles are only able to view data, insights, and reporting the data and pages and are not able to make changes.
      • Admin roles have the same access as the user role, but also have the ability to manage the account (e.g. locations, users, and subscriptions) and download data.
  • The Subscriptions page allows you to subscribe to receive SMS notifications for robots. These notifications can include assistance required notifications, maintenance reminders, route start, and route stop, etc. For more information see here.


You can find out more information about each page in the links below.


Management Pages

Locations Management

Robot Management

User Management

Subscriptions Management