Subscriptions & SMS Notifications Management

SMS Notifications allow you to receive notifications from your robots on your cellular device.


Types of Notifications

The following are the types of notifications that you can receive from your robots. These are customizable when you are adding a subscription.

  • Start an autonomous route
  • Complete an autonomous route
  • Require assistance (See: Assists for more information)
  • A reminder that a robot needs assistance
  • Assist resolved
  • Maintenance reminders


Step 1: Activating

You must first activate a subscription for a number before it can request to receive notifications from robots.


  1. Go to Subscriptions Tab in Whiz Connect
  2. Select Add Subscription
  3. Enter the business phone number that will receive messages
  4. Select the robots you wish to receive notifications from for this number
  5. Select the categories you wish to receive notifications for
  6. (Optional) You can turn on reminders for SMS notifications.
    1. Select the check box to activate reminders
    2. Enter the amount of time before you receive a reminder (default is 15 minutes)
    3. Note: Subscribers will receive a maximum of 3 reminders for an assist.
  7. Click Add Subscription


  • You can only add numbers for business phones
  • You only have to do this once per phone number.
  • Only Admin users can activate a subscription for a number



Step 2: Subscribing

To complete the subscription process, the phone's owner needs to text the number listed in the Subscriptions Tab.

  • Text “START” to Subscribe
  • Text "STOP" to Unsubscribe 

We hope you enjoy the benefits of this feature. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.


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